MÉLIÈS Georges (1861-1938)

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MÉLIÈS Georges (1861-1938)
L.A.S. "G. Méliès", Paris 1 December 1928, to Auguste DRIOUX; 3 pages in-8. He answers with good humour to his wishes for a long life and then talks to him about his work for the magazine Passez-Muscade. "I have just finished the sketches for the beheaded man. Your cartoonist is going to have some "work" but they are all necessary for a good understanding of this thing which is made up of many different elements. I'm going to write the text now; but it too will be long, because there are many explanations and details to give. In any case it will perhaps allow some future artist, after having read your diary found in some old collection, to use the tricks contained in the Beheaded One, for some important new issue of theatre. As for Robert HOUDIN's automatons, it is difficult to photograph them now at the Arts et Métiers, where the mechanic is dismantling and cleaning them while waiting for Méliès to retape the outside. "But I have a series of engravings representing them "...
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