MÉLIÈS Georges (1861-1938)

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MÉLIÈS Georges (1861-1938)
L.A.S. "G. Méliès", Paris 25 September 1929, to Auguste DRIOUX; 4 pages in-8. Long and important letter on its place in the history of cinema. The holidays are over, and he has taken back the necklace. "At the moment, I am very busy with everything that is published about my film career. ...] It seems that a great campaign about me will soon appear in the press, when 8 of my great pieces, found by chance in the sale of the Dufayel collection, will be presented in public at Studio 28, avant-garde cinema: the Ami du peuple (excuse the little) is determined to raise by articles and posters a real scandal, for the incredible way in which the current Chambre syndicale de la Cinématographie is treating its own founder and 1st president, who is, moreover, recognized by all as the dean of directors, the creator of the cinematic spectacle, the oldest film artist, the author of the 1st studio, etc. etc. That's going to make a nice racket... Méliès doesn't get involved in anything, on the surface, but provides documents and information to journalists. I think I'll end up triumphing one day over the apathy, the greed and the "I don't give a damn" of the big financiers who exploit the cinema. (I don't say exhibitors) "... On the other hand, he helps Noverre with his documentary writings and drawings, and this keeps him busy and prevents him from brooding too much. "I hope that the conclusion of a 4-year campaign, which is now reaching its climax, will finally bear fruit. We are all determined to get justice at all costs. Finally, the Illustre Coissac has also just acknowledged in his latest work, Les Coulisses du cinéma, that MM. LUMIÈRE did not foresee for a single moment the theatrical application of cinema, and that consequently, the honour falls to me. - This is a confession that is precious to me, coming from the one who distorted the history of cinema "...
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