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L.A. with MUSIC, [Berlin 18 October 1832], to Julius RIETZ in Stuttgart; 1 page in-12, address with seal under paper; in German. Nice letter about Johann Sebastian Bach with a line of music. Under the words of an old aria (Jakob, where are you?), he asks the composer and conductor Julius RIETZ (1812-1877) where he can find the Overture in D major by Johann Sebastian BACH, formerly performed at the Philharmonic (a musical society founded by Julius' brother Eduard Rietz to accompany the Singakademie). If Rietz has it, let him hand over all the parts to the messenger, as Mendelssohn would like to play it at his second concert. If he doesn't have it, he would like to know where he can find it. It doesn't exist in the Philharmonic Library. He asks when the Overture in E major (for large orchestra) will be performed [premiered October 18, 1832 in Berlin]. As a signature, Mendelssohn writes an 8-bar theme Presto, in F clef, in F minor. "Motto: Jakob, wo bist du? (Altes Spiel) Lieber Ritz Wo ist die Ouverture aus d dur von Seb. Bach, die einst in der Philharmonie abgespielt worden ist? Haben Sie sie, so schicken Sie sie mir durch den Ueberbringer mit allen Stimmen, denn sie soll in meinem 2ten Concerte gespielt werden. We do not, however, have the same kind of chicken, but we would like to see it in the future, and we are looking forward to it. In der Philharm. Bibliothek nämlich ist sie nicht vorhanden ... Wann wird Ihre Ouverture aus Eh gespielt? »
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