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.L.A.S. "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy", [Leipzig mid-February 1836], to Jacob Bernhard LIMBURGER; 1 oblong page in-8, address on reverse, traces of folding into a small square (a few slight slits); in German. Preparation for the concert of the poor. [The letter is addressed to Jacob Bernhard LIMBURGER (1770-1849), architect, senator of Leipzig, but also a singer. It concerns the preparation of the "Concert zum Besten der Armen" of April 7, 1836. The letter names various personalities from Leipzig: Heinrich Conrad Schleinitz (1802-1881) and Carl Wilhelm August Porsche (1786-1840), the director of the Gewandhaus, the theatre director Friedrich Sebald Ringelhardt (1785-1855), and the singer Carl Julius Eicke (1810-1866)]. Mendelssohn was still unable to determine the repertoire for the poor concert, having been informed by Mr. Schleinitz that Eicke had often come to sing there (which would be very beneficial), but that Mr. Ringelhardt's consent was still lacking. He does not doubt that he will give permission when the management itself asks for it; Schleinitz has already spoken to him about it... " Ich habe das Repertoir über des ArmenConcert immer noch nicht feststellen können, weil ich durch Herrn Adr. Schleinitz hörte, Herr Eicke habe sich bereitwillig fi nden lassen darin zu singen (was allerdings sehr vortheilhaft wäre) aber es fehle noch an der Einwilligung des Herrn Ringelhardt. I do not think that we should have been so concerned about this, but if the management has not been able to do so, why should we not have been able to get a clearer picture of what kind of Porsche we are talking about or what kind of Herr Stadtrath Porsche we are talking about? Her. Adr. Schleinitz is very happy, and I am here with Ihn schon darüber gesprochen. Morgen früh könnte ich Ihnen des fertige Repertoir zusenden, wenn ich bis dahin Antwort hätte " .
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