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L.A.S. "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy", Leipzig 16 September 1839, to Dietrich Wilhelm KRAUSE in Braunschweig; 2.5 pages in-8, address; in German. Nice friendly letter on his return to Leipzig from the Braunschweig Music Festival, where Krause had welcomed him. [The grain and hop merchant Dietrich Wilhelm KRAUSE (1773-1845), one of the most important figures in Braunschweig's cultural life, had accommodated Mendelssohn during his stay for the Braunschweig Musikfest]. Now that he is gradually returning to his former quiet life and remembers the hectic days of the previous week and his stay in Braunschweig, he thanks Krause for all the good things, all the kindness he showed him during his stay at home, and for the warm and courteous manner in which he made him forget that he was in a foreign country, without a long known friend... He finds it difficult to express with the pen what he could so well say orally... It is not to Krause to give thanks, but to those to whom he gives joy. Mendelssohn only hopes that Krause will give him a place in his memory, remembering the happy days he spent in his house. And above all that he does not forget the promise to return to Leipzig to see him again, if possible with all of Braunschweig. The musical season in Leipzig starts now, some virtuosos are already to be seen and soon to be heard, a very good concert singer from Brussels is promised; Krause will not regret his trip, even if he cannot be offered the same level of beauty he was offered. Yesterday, Mendelssohn spoke to some of the musicians who were in Braunschweig; they are still very enthusiastic about the Festival, and the welcome they received. "Indem ich jetzt nach und wieder zu meinem früheren ruhigen Lebensgang zurückkehre und in meinem Gedächtniße die vielbewegten Tage der vorigen Woche und meines Aufenthalts in Braunschweig zurechtlege : so kann ich nicht umhin Ihnen nochmals schriftlich zu danken für alle
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