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2 L.A.S. "J.O.", to a friend [Auguste Pittaud de FORGES]; 1 page in-8 each with the letterhead of the Théâtre des Bouff esParisiens, mounted on an album page with a photographic caricature. 17 November. "I absolutely need Gevaert's play. I absolutely need the Musicians. So look at this very seriously. Do you want to send me also the piece by de Flottow I would like to read it again. If you have the score, please send it to me at the same time. I'll write to him about the changes - if there are any to be made. I am planning to stage it again this winter... "Can you set up this little play - the script is fine, the play is nice, but it needs more cheerfulness. See it quickly if you can, because it is in rehearsal and I will put it back on the stage immediately, redone "... A printed invitation to the dinner for the collaborators (9 April 1877, with envelope to de Forges, reply in verse on the back), the handwritten menu and a press clipping; a photo (Félix Potin Collection); Off enbach's obituary notice; and a letter to the director of the theatre.a.s. of Herminie Off enbach [to Ernest L'Épine (Quatrelles), March 1865].
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