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L.A.S. "J. Off enbach", Wien Dimanche [February ? 1870], to a friend; 4 pages in-8, heading Direction des Kais. Kön. Priv. Carl-Theaters. Anton Ascher. Curious letter. He thanks his friend for his letter and dispatch. "I'm looking forward to this mysterious story that Louis must have told you - I don't understand it - how his mother let him go? How did he come back? How did you decide to go down to the hotel - Auteuil is very close - and the horrible Hunchback might well chase him - I'm sure you won't let that happen - but Louis - oh what a weak man - now I'm more relaxed. I beg you to read carefully Le Figaro - and the tales of the Hunchback - here I rarely see him (Le Figaro) and in Italy no more at all. I want to know if he's talking about me - because at the first possible opportunity I'll give him the slaps he deserves for so long. Write - write - write even by dispatch - I don't dare to tell you at my own expense - but true I prefer a 40-word dispatch - than a 20-word letter from you "... In postscript: "What a success for our friend Ferru if the Hunchback could put a bullet in my head? ... I'm thinking of leaving on Thursday ... write me Remaining post in Venice and Milan. I forgot to tell you that I'm really in a lot of pain! »
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