PIAF Edith (1915-1963)

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PIAF Edith (1915-1963)
L.A.S. "Oiseau", September 31, 1955, to her husband Jacques PILLS; 2 pages in-4. Pretty love letter to her husband. [Jacques Pills, whom Piaf had married three years earlier, was then playing in London in Eric Maschwitz's musical Romance in Candelight, music by Sam Coslow, at the Piccadilly Theater.] "My dear little darling man A letter from you today but alas it hasn't managed to take my cockroach away, an inexplicable sadness that I can't tear out of my heart, maybe tomorrow everything will be better, I always have the impression of a total misunderstanding of beings, apart from the exception that we only rarely meet I wonder where intelligence and sensitivity lie, maybe I exaggerate things and when we're sad we see everything in black! In any case there is one thing that consoles me of many others is to see how much the English seem to get you, of course this operetta is not a masterpiece but maybe it allows you to deploy your talent and maybe also through all this a guy will see all your possibilities and he will give you what you've been hoping for so long. I believe in you completely and you know it. Tomorrow I'll be in town to try on my dresses again and then I'll be ready to go parading in front of the high society, I dream of a wild island, the ocean, with a small hut, and the Boniface away from me and finally peace! "His letter is stupid, but it's the end of the month and the "charming Boniface" [his accordionist and secretary] are packing their bags..." Friday I'm having dinner at Ginger's and Saturday I'm flying to Dallas! See you tomorrow, little darling, and tomorrow I'll be as happy as a lark! I love you, little darling, and I need you too! Take care of your health. Save yourself for your little wife who loves you so much. " She signs: "Bird".
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