PUCCINI Giacomo (1858-1924)

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PUCCINI Giacomo (1858-1924)
L.A.S. "Giacomo", Viareggio 30 August 1913, to Carlo cLauSetti; 4 pages in-8 with a striped Torre del Lago letterhead; in Italian. Epistle in verse to the artistic director of the Ricordi music publishing house, one year after the death of Giulio Ricordi. The epistle has 13 quatrains : 13 "O mio caro Carluccetto / tu che sempre forte caro / ora quasi fuor del letto / stai coi piedi e vedi amaro"... Carluccetto gets out of bed and looks bitter... The blind fools' proposals about the seven princesses are nothing but bad dreams, silly ideas. The soft pieces, written for dreamers, go well the first time; but people turn away the second time... How can one change the purpose, which seems so dull?... The old publisher who died was right, when he said: There is no life without a body, no house without a roof ("L'editore antico e giusto / che scomparse, lascio detto : / non c'è vita senza busto / non c'è casa senza tetto ")... They're on a rough road, intelligence is lost, vision is bad... There's nothing left, and no matter how they turn, they are really in deep mourning. You have to look away, leave Maeterlinck there if you want to make art, of the healthy and strong art that lasts on stage ("lascia stare Maeterlicche / se tu vuoi fare dell'arte / dico arte sana e forte / che la duri sulla scena") ... Carluccetto was once fresher, his eyes were straight and bright, now, at the table, he seems afflicted ... But he hopes that the moon will make light and that Fortune will guide him.
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