RAVEL Maurice (1875-1937)

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RAVEL Maurice (1875-1937)
L.A.S. "Maurice Ravel", Saint-Cloud 19 April 1919, to Doctor Edmond BONNIOT; 6 pages in-8 square, envelope. Information about Megève. [Ravel had been convalescing in Megève from the end of December 1918 until the end of March 1919. Doctor Bonniot had married Geneviève MALLARMÉ, the poet's daughter.] "Here is the information: Megève is at 1100m, admirably exposed. Its main charm, the snow, must have disappeared since my departure, so I would not answer for the climate, at this time. It is true that the thaw had already started a few days ago. A lot of beautiful walks, but you always have to climb, more or less. During my stay, we weren't isolated at all. Maybe we are more isolated now. There are only two hotels to recommend: the Hotel Conseil and the Hotel du Mont-Blanc. The latter is where I used to live. From the point of view of food, it is undeniably superior to the other - healthy, plentiful food; plenty of milk and eggs. The rooms are less well exposed there than at the Hotel Conseil. If your client can have the one I used to occupy at the "Mont-Blanc", that would be perfect. It's very small, but with a balcony in the sun all day long. To get to Megève, we go to Sallanches - via Annecy, if nothing is changed -. We leave in the evening, at 8.30 pm, if I remember correctly. We have lunch in Annecy, and we have time to visit the town, or even go around the lake. I couldn't do any of that, because a landslide had changed the itinerary. We sleep in Sallanches, at the Hotel de la Poste. The next morning, we climbed up to Megève, by car. - I did it by sleigh -. There is a courier, but he leaves at 6 o'clock, which is a bit early, and we might not have any room. So it's better to have a car sent from the hotel where we'll be staying. It will take about 3 hours to get there... ... And if your client thinks he will find luxury palaces, gypsies, small horses and poultry; you can warn him that it's
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