ROSSINI Gioacchino (1792-1868)

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ROSSINI Gioacchino (1792-1868)
MANUSCRIPT autograph signed, Bologna April 20, 1848- Passy June 20, 1868; 6 pages in-4 of a book of 4 sheets of bluish paper bound with a small yellow and black cord; in Italian. Precious holographic will of Rossini, abundantly corrected then cancelled five months before his death. [Rossini left a colossal fortune valued at more than 2,500,000 gold francs at his death.] This will was drawn up by Rossini in Bologna on April 20, 1848. It provides for a sum intended to pay for his funeral and burial in the plot he owns in the communal cemetery. He made various bequests to his family: maternal uncle and aunt, and cousins. To his beloved wife Olympe, who was always an affectionate and faithful companion, he bequeaths in full ownership all his furniture, lingerie, tapestries, porcelain, vases, cars, horses, bronzes, frames, etc., everything in his town and country houses; he excludes silverware, jewellery and precious objects (boxes, rings, chains, weapons, medals, watches...) which will be sold by his executors. His wife will be able to choose and take the equivalent of the dowry brought at the time of their marriage from among his land holdings or income. He appoints his wife as usufructuary of all his property for life, and makes his heirs in equal shares the municipalities of Bologna and Pesaro, to found and endow a Liceo Filarmonico. He forbids these municipalities to interfere in any way with the usufruct which his wife may freely enjoy. He then appointed his executors: G. Zucchini, G. Gandolfi, with the assistance of R. Bajetti and Cl. Giovanardi. He gives alms to the Foundlings and the Pietà di Bologna. He makes a donation to his notary Cesare Stagni, who helped him to draw up this will, and will draw up an authentic copy of it. He reserves the right to modify in the future this will, which he claims to be the expression of his ultimate will, and which he wrote entirely in his own hand. Rossini has subsequently corrected th
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