SAINT-SAËNS Camille (1835-1921)

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SAINT-SAËNS Camille (1835-1921)
4 L.A.S. "C. Saint-Saëns " ; 9 pages in various formats, a Grand Hotel d'Europe Avignon letterhead. [Beginning of August 1894 ?The beautiful Miss BRÉVAL who is to sing a piece in my way [Pallas-Athèné] at the Théâtre d'Orange will, on my advice, go and ask you for directions for her costume... December 19, 1895, to Lucienne BRÉVAL: "I dare not go to see you, not knowing if my sight would be pleasant or painful to you, but I want to tell you that you are still for me the beautiful muse of classical theatre and that, whatever the future interpreters of the role of Brunhilde may be, you will always be for me the dreamed Brunhilde, the one whose image will appear to me as the incarnation of the character of the beautiful and unfortunate Queen"... Avignon 189-, about the rehearsals in Orange... Tuesday, to a young lady: "...I will have the honour of submitting the piece I tried to write for you today."... Plus a ticket a.s. An l.a.s. by Casimir STRYIENSKI, Foissy 23rd October 1910, on the death of his son Ladislas is attached.
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