SAUGUET Henri (1901-1989)

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SAUGUET Henri (1901-1989)
MANUSCRIPT autograph signed " Henri Sauguet ", Les Concerts. First Walter Straram concert, with L.A.S. d'envoi " H.S. ", Toulouse 25 January 1929, to Jacques BENOISTMÉCHIN; 1 and 2 pages in-4. The Walter STRARAM orchestra plays by itself, and its conductor can beat " an illusory measure " and gesticulate gracefully for the gallery... His first concert of the season was composed of " Suite n° 1 de J.His first concert of the season consisted of "Suite No. 1 by J. S. BACH, élysée de la musique, SCHUBERT's Tragic Symphony in C minor, a delight of tenderness, the Firebird Suite, mysterious and already marked so deeply by STRAWINSKY's magical genius", and the first performance of a Concerto for piano and orchestra by M. S. BACH, the Elysée de la musique, and the first audition of a Concerto for piano and orchestra by M. BACH. Daniel LAZARUS, whose first movement Sauguet especially appreciates, "guided by a charming theme and of a very happy colour", the other two being marked by "characteristic rhythms and picturesque measures which detract from the unity" of the work... He asks to pass this article as it stands in L'Europe nouvelle : "Don't forget that what I am saying is the expression of an absolute truth, which you have seen, like Milhaud, Honegger, Inghelbrecht, Ansermet, and above all poor myself with David, whom he [Straram] absolutely sabotaged... He himself has worked a lot without much result: "Music is running away from me. And its pursuit tires me... Alas! How difficult it is, my God! »…
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