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L.A.S. "Robert", L. [Leipzig] November 15, 1836, to Therese SCHUMANN; 3 and a half pages large in-8 filled with small, tight handwriting (small slits repaired in the folds); in German. Very beautiful and long letter to her dear sister-in-law Therese. [Therese Semmel (1805-1887) had married Eduard Schumann in 1825; Robert was very attached to her, she was his confidant, especially about her thwarted love for Clara Wieck]. He often imagines Therese at the window of his hermitage, her head resting on his arm, softly singing a song and perhaps doubting whether a certain R. is worthy of all the love he is endowed with. But he could neither come nor write: Chopin, Lipinski, Mendelssohn, Carl, Ludwig Berger and a hundred others all came. There is also the young STAMATY, who came to him as if out of the clouds, an intelligent man, very handsome, of his own heart and in good humour, born in Rome of Greek parents, raised in Paris, who now wants to complete his musical studies with Mendelssohn. Therese would like him very much; they were to come together to the music festival in Zwickau; but he will stay until spring, and Therese will see him at the fair, or they will come to see her before then. He still has trouble with the Germans, the French are better. And then there is still a young Englishman, William BENNET, in their daily circles, a wonderful artist, a poetically beautiful soul. MENDELSSOHN has a wife who fills him up, not yet graceful and tall enough; her name is Caecilia Jeanreneaud... Schumann still evokes Dr. Schlemmer, Ferdinand David, who will marry and remain concertmeister despite the 100.000 thaler that his wife brings him, Frank from Wroclaw, and the young Goethe, the old man's grandson, but so far without any exceptional character... He spent many pleasant hours with LIPINSKI, who loves him like his son... Then he talks about his money problems, his debts, and the loans he still has to make to his brothers Carl and Eduard... He t
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