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L.A.S. "R. Schumann", Leipzig November 5, 1843, to Landrat Robert KÖRNER in Schneeberg; 1 page in-4, address on the back (small tear by opening the stamp); in German. Beautiful letter on Mendelssohn, quoting Goethe. In 1843 Schumann was appointed professor at the Leipzig Conservatory. He often stayed in the Saxon town of Schneeberg, where his brother Karl lived with his wife Rosalie. Robert Körner (1819-1895), lawyer, district administrator and mayor of Schneeberg, had a political career. The first performance of Mendelssohn's Ouvertüre zum Märchen von der schönen Melusine was held in London on April 7, 1834, and then in Düsseldorf, Germany, on July 27, 1834, under the direction of the composer; Schumann's beautiful article appeared in his newspaper Neue Zeitschrift für Musik on January 5, 1836. Following his question, Schumann wanted first to find out from the best source, Mendelssohn himself. However, he remembered a passage from the Goethe-Zelter correspondence: "It is a mistake to ask the composer or even the poet. If these fellows knew what they wanted and needed, they would not be poets or composers. As far as he knows, Mendelssohn would say a little more than "I made music for the fairy tale of La Belle Mélusine without thinking too much about it myself. He encloses his thoughts after the first audition; it's from the first year of his diary [the excerpt is not enclosed]. He recommends himself to Körner's father in remembrance of the past... "Wegen Ihrer Anfrage wollte ich mich erst bei der besten Quelle erkundigen, bei Mendelssohn selbst. Mir fi el jedoch eine Stelle aus dem Göthe-Zelter'schen Briefwechsel ein: "Da wendet Ihr euch eben an den Unrechten, wenn ihr die Componisten oder gar die Dichter fragt. Wüßten diese Gesellen, was sie wollen und was sie müssen, so dürften sie weder Dichter noch Componisten sein". I am glad to hear that we have Mendelssohn's support, and I would like to thank him for his efforts in the past
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