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L.A.S. "R. Schumann", Bad Kreischa 17 May 1849, to Hermann HÄRTEL in Leipzig; 3 pages in-4, address with postmarks; in German. Long letter on his Liederalbum für die Jügend. Schumann was with his family in Dresden when the revolutionary uprising broke out on May 3, 1849, and reached Bad-Kreischa, where he resided from May 13 until his return to Dresden on June 12, and where he composed the Liederalbum für die Jugend op. 79, to be published in November by Breitkopf & Härtel, which Hermann Härtel (1803-1875) conducted with his brother Raimund; the latter had refused to publish the Album für die Jugend for piano op. 68 the previous year]. Schumann recalls the terrible days of Dresden; after much wandering, they finally found a peaceful asylum in Bad Kreischa, where only from time to time a wave of the excited, almost too peaceful world reached him. But they are thinking of staying there for a while. He has resumed his usual work, and has almost finished his main task, which he started recently. It's an album of songs for young people. He wants it to be published by Härtel Publishing before October, and if possible with drawings in the margins. The whole songbook would consist of about 50 plates, for which 25 vignettes would be needed. Bendemann, Rethel, Hübner, Rietschel and Ehrhardt would probably each give a drawing free of charge. The other drawings would be better served by Ludwig Richter (1803-1884), who would, however, have to be paid for. Schumann offered to contact Richter and the lithographer to find out their fees. Härtel could then calculate the cost of the undertaking, and then make Schumann an offer of fees, which he hopes they will agree on. He was very interested in the piano album [op. 68], and hopes that the same will be true for the song album. He knows that Schuberth [publisher of op. 68] is very happy with the result; 800 copies were sold in a short time, which makes Schumann happy. But the most importa
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