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L.A.S. "R. Schumann", Düsseldorf 16 December 1850, to Dr. Moritz Emil REUTER in Leipzig; 2 pages in-8; in German. Unpublished letter about his Third Symphony "Rhineland". In September 1850, the Schumann couple left Dresden for Düsseldorf, where Schumann was appointed "Generalmusikdirector"; warmly welcomed, Schumann conducted the first performance of his recently completed Third Symphony "Rhineland" there on February 6, 1851. Dr. Moritz Emil REUTER (1802-1853), a doctor in Leipzig, was a friend of Robert and Clara]. His wife Clara complains that she has no stollen or gingerbread for Christmas. Schumann therefore orders two large stollen, three small stollen for children, and a gingerbread from Nuremberg from his friend, indicating the prices for each, and gives instructions for shipment so that he can receive them on Tuesday evening. He is going to surprise his wife for Christmas with a new symphony, which he is composing and which they will play at the New Year's concert. He often feels remorse for rarely giving news to his friend. But Reuter knows how Schumann is always absorbed in a perpetual creation, and monopolized by his new duties. His friendship will certainly be satisfied by Schumann's admission of how happy he is with the position Heaven has given him in Düsseldorf, he has never been happier in his life.... " Meine Frau klagt, dass es hier weder Stollen, noch Pfeff erkuchen giebt zu Weihnachten. Bitte, dies besorgen Sie mir für das Beifolgende: zwei grosse Stollen, jeden zu 1 Thaler 15 Neugroschen, 3 kleine (Kinder) Stollen, jeden zu 10 Neugroschen, und für 1 Thaler kleine Nürnberger Lebstücken. [...] With a new and more complex symphony, with a new symphony, a new composer, and a new concert in the new concert hall. Lieber Reuter, for example, has a great deal to say about the Gewissensbisse, and Ihnen is one of the most important names in the world of music. We have seen that, as a result of the fact that we are
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