STRAUSS Richard (1864-1949)

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STRAUSS Richard (1864-1949)
AUTHORIZED NOTE, [Garmisch 27.VII.1917], to Prof. Fritz VOLBACH, lieutenant, at the Kaiserliche Kommandantur in Brussels; 1 page in-8, envelope a.s.; in German. Programming of concerts in occupied Brussels. [Fritz VOLBACH (1861-1940), composer, pianist, organist, became after the war professor and director of music at the University of Münster]. The first program would be composed as follows: I. Beatitudes [by César Franck]. II. Taillefer [cantata by R. Strauss on a poem by Ludwig Uhland]. - Intermission. - III. Meistersinger. The second program is much too long: Mahler's Symphony lasts 1 hour and a quarter, and the Sinfonia domestica ¾ an hour; this is really enough for an evening concert, entirely orchestral ("Des zweite Programm ist viel zu lang: Mahlers Sinfonie dauert 1 ¼ Stunde, domestica ¾ Stunde; das ist an sich für einen Concertabend wirklich genug, ganz besonders für's Orchester"). We could put the Charpentier in the first concert, or in a third one. Taillefer lasts 20 minutes...
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