STRAUSS Richard (1864-1949)

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STRAUSS Richard (1864-1949)
L.A.S. "Richard Strauss", Bad Wiessee September 19, 1933, to a friend; 2 pages in-4 with Kurheim Rex Hotel letterhead and vignette (binder holes); in German. Curious letter about Strauss' attitude under Nazism. [The letter shows Strauss's activity to create STAGMA (Staatlich genehmigte Gesellschaft zur Verwertung musikalischer Auff ührungsrechte) to replace GEMA (Genossenschaft zur Verwertung musikalischer Aufführungsrechte), government institution to manage the musicians' copyrights, and his attempt to compose the board of directors of the new society in such a way as to satisfy the Nazi leaders, who should not be part of it, while he himself wants to be its president.] Dr. Schmidt Leonhardt must prepare the minister for Strauss' position. The early foundation is an opportunity for them, and if Dr. GOEBBELS trusts that he will give Strauss full powers according to the "Führer Principle", Strauss will immediately determine autocratically (after the liquidation of the last GEMA General Assembly) the board and the statutes of Stagma. It must be assured by Havemann that they will not be stabbed in the back by the Party (HINKEL or someone else), and Strauss will then try to completely eliminate Otto von Keudell, to appoint a new board of directors and a new management of Stagma. There were three directors at Gema: [Leo] Ritter, Schmeling, Lehar... He wonders which Gema directors should be eliminated or kept at Stagma (Ritter, Kopsch, Paul Gräner)... The directors are paid about 12.000 M per person. Stagma's board of directors appointed by Strauss would include 4 composers, 2 lyricists, a voluntary editor. The board would be composed of the volunteer President, his deputy Rasch, the paid secretary Burgstaller, and the 4 other volunteers. Everything else is useless. Ritter and his comrades would be caught in their own trap! On Saturday in Adlon the statutes will be adopted; Keudell and Ritter will be presented with the fait accompli of the minister's
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