WAGNER RICHARD (1813-1883)

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WAGNER RICHARD (1813-1883)
L.A.S. "Richard Wagner", Bayreuth 16 February 1873, to Karl BATZ; 2 pages in-8; in German. Letter to his agent for his copyright . He sends him a power of attorney for an upcoming trial in Leipzig, hoping that this process will not lead them into unnecessary tribulations! He was able to catch up with the Milan "Nota" at the last moment, and is happy that Batz offers to take care of it for him. He only asks to be very careful that by the end of March he has a lot of money at his disposal! As soon as Mr. Feustel returns from his travels, he will immediately inform him of Batz's suggestion for his help in collecting the sponsorship money, and have an opinion prepared about the "laboratory". Wagner no longer remembers very well the opinion that was held at the time, when he left on his second trip and had his head full of the idea of getting some really hard money . Let Mr. Voltz also think about the acid-free wine that is particularly suitable for Wagner... Let Batz see to it that all the hassles are spared by the directors and the courts, and that he has plenty of money at the end of March! "Yesterday, Hochgeehrtester! Die Vollmacht. Mögen Sie mit diesem Process nicht in nutzlose Tribulationen gerathen! Die Mailänder Nota habe ich bereits zur rechten Zeit ausgleichen müssen. It is a good thing, if you have a good story to tell, that I will be happy to give you a copy of the report, and if you have a good story to tell, then I will tell you with Ende März viel Geld zur Verfügung stehe! Sobald Herr Feustel von seinen Reisen zurückgekehrt sein wird, werde ich Ihren sehr geehrten Vorschlag im Betreff Ihrer Mithilfe zur Eintreibung von Patronatgeldern sofort anbringen, Ihnen auch einen Bescheid im Betreff Ihres 'Elaborates' bereiten lassen. I am not sure if this is the case, but we are still fighting the war, we are still waiting for the best possible reaction and the best possible support from the people, and we are still looking forward to t
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