WAGNER RICHARD (1813-1883)

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WAGNER RICHARD (1813-1883)
L.S. "Richard Wagner", [Bayreuth early January 1875], to Carl VOLTZ and Carl BATZ; 4 pages in-4 (split in the folds); in German. A long and important letter about his copyright and its sharing with his managers. Wagner demands payment from Batz and Voltz for the Frankfurt and Hamburg recipes. As for their claims for Dresden and Vienna, he asks them to list them, to justify them with the letters exchanged, stating when and with whom they had contact to defend Wagner's interests. Having become very suspicious, he is all the more obliged to ask for proof that during his last trip to Vienna, in November 1874, it was practically denied there that he had been in contact with his agents about him! And he has not yet the slightest testimony from Dresden that Batz and Voltz had taken steps in his interest, much less that they had had any success. They can drop all this, because in Dresden they won't get anything at all, neither of them ... As for the change in their relationships, they have to look for the cause exclusively in themselves.... Wagner reproaches his correspondents for not even coming to sign the new contract they had drawn up together, and for having the sad courage to submit to him a counter-proposal which is practically an attack on his honour and which should make him fall revoltingly under their dependence. In view of this development of things, and, therefore, of the knowledge thus acquired of his relations with them, there can no longer be anything more than a strictly business relationship between them, from which he hopes that all the elucubrations as to their devotion, for example the preference which would be given to him over other composers, will be banished, because they seem to him very absurd... Any attempt to blame others for this new situation and to talk about manoeuvres, etc., will necessarily be considered by Wagner as childish and offensive. The present situation has its origin in their lack of speech, and neither sophisms
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