BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827). Five early... - Lot 1092 - Ader

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BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827). Five early... - Lot 1092 - Ader
BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827). Five early editions of Piano Sonatas . Grande Sonate pour le Clavecin, ou Fortepiano... Work XXVI [Op.26] (Leipzig, Bureau de musique, [ca 1802]), 19 pages, file number 118 [Hoboken 136]. First German edition, almost contemporary to the first edition in Vienna by Cappi. Sonata quasi una Fantasia... Op.27 No.2 ["Moonlight"] (Vienna, Cappi, [ca 1806]), 15 pages, size 879 [Hoboken 144] (under green cloth folder, margins a little crumpled and torn). Three Sonatas for the fortepiano, Op. 31, nos. 1-3, "Edition tres Correcte. Price 6 francs" (Bonn, Simrock, [1803-1804]), 65 pages (renumbered in ink, corner repaired on the last page), quotation 345 [cf Hoboken 171-172]. Sonate für das Piano-Forte, Op.110 (Wien, Cappi & Czerny, [ca1826]), 15 pages, file no . 2500 Two Sonatas for Pianoforte and Violoncell... Op.102 Liv [reason] 1 [Cello Sonata op.102, No.1] (Bonn: Simrock, [1817]), file number 1337, in score, without the separate cello part, first edition [Hoboken 423].
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