BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827). Messa a... - Lot 1094 - Ader

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BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827). Messa a... - Lot 1094 - Ader
BEETHOVEN Ludwig van (1770-1827).
Messa a quattro Voci coll' accompagnamento dell' Orchestra... Drey Hymnen für vier Singstimmen mit Begleitung des Orchesters... 86s Werk (Leipzig, Breitkopf & Härtel, [1812]); one oblong volume in fol. (26.5 x 35 cm) of 107-[1] pages, original cover on blue-grey paper (the top cover printed Messe von L. v. Beethoven, with price ms), under old cardboard (small marginal tears repaired p. 71-74, marginal ink stain from p. 59 onwards, a few tiny holes, marginal slit on p. 106; stamps of possession; used cardboard
and used spine).

Rare first edition of the Mass in C, the first of


's two Masses


Engraved edition, each plate bearing the quotation no. 1667. Hoboken


Dedicated to Prince von Kinsky, it is divided into three parts entitled "Erster [Zweyter, Dritter] Hymnus" (pp. 3, 39

, 71).

Original state of pp. 92-93 (beginning of the Agnus Dei); "Anmerkung" for p. 71 on the reverse of p. 107.

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