MASSENET Jules (1842-1912). L.A.S. "Jules",... - Lot 1145 - Ader

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MASSENET Jules (1842-1912). L.A.S. "Jules",... - Lot 1145 - Ader
MASSENET Jules (1842-1912).
L.A.S. "Jules", Paris October 2, 1870, at SA FEMME, in Houlgate (Calvados); 2 pages in-8 on fine paper filled with a small tight writing, address with mention "(by mounted balloon)", stamp and postmarks

Beautiful and long letter from the beginning of the siege of Paris, sent to his wife by mounted balloon (balloon Godefroy Cavaignac or Jean-Bart n°1


He describes their apartment, where everything is packed, like the morning of the departure of his dear Ninon. "The antechamber is the arsenal !... There are a thousand war machines piled up there. Rifles, revolvers, cartridges, bayonets... all very bellicose equipment !! "... In the living room, its camp supplies: blankets, rubber, pots and pans... It is said that "the balloons that sometimes leave Paris are loaded with letters... [...] the singular existence !!...". - When will it end? When will it end? - Here are already several fights around Paris surrounded, without much result. - The cannon can hardly be heard, such is the vastness of this city... We learn that we fought at such and such a place... if we go to the indicated side we see the return of the lame troops... the cars of the wounded... & everywhere there is a very anxious agitation. - In our still quiet districts (above all that we thought) the material life is the same "... The evening before with friends was cheerful : " O the Frenchman !... Happy character - laughing all the same in the midst of this disaster, the end of which he cannot foresee & the consequences of which he cannot foresee. - We are rationed for meat - but we have some - the bread is excellent... We even have fresh vegetables !!... Paris is a city of resources - you wouldn't suspect the situation ! ! - The phisionomy of the boulevards is still pretty much the same. - The dearness of a few ingredients warns of what's happening & makes the Parisian who seems to me to be becoming from hour to hour an excellent
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