MASSENET Jules (1842-1912). 27 L.A. or L.A.S.... - Lot 1158 - Ader

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MASSENET Jules (1842-1912). 27 L.A. or L.A.S.... - Lot 1158 - Ader
MASSENET Jules (1842-1912).
27 L.A. or L.A.S. "M", "Massenet", "Papa" or initials, Paris and Saint-Aubin 1894 and [1908], to HIS WIFE (5 to his daughter JULIETTE, or to his son-in-law Léon BESSAND); 69 pages

Tendre ensemble, talking about compositions, performances, recipes and


1894. "Heugel signs treatises. Ah! If La Navarraise was in 5 acts! "... He is less satisfied with Manon (8 September)... " Excellent rehearsal yesterday. - I think that if the press is able to tell the truth, the evening will be very beautiful - and so will the theatre. - Poor CHABRIER is dead - friends wrote that if he had been played like Massenet he would have produced works that would have been the glory of his country. - Finally, always bad faith! "(Friday [September 14])..." Navarraise va bien - belles nouvelles de l'étranger" (5 October) ... "La Navarraise vendredi à Bruxelles" ([end of November]) ... [1908]. " MORET is here !... - We're going to work at the end ! " ([17 May])... He advances the composition of Sapho (8 July)... Yesterday, "meeting with Miss Bréval and Heugel at the Minstrel - she heard her part and seemed very gripped by the expression of the sentences! "(Saturday morning [July 11])... On returning to Paris, a session with Miss BRÉVAL "and an orchestra with Muratori! "(July 13)... I made a happy break in the last act (for her [Miss Bréval])" (July 14)..." I didn't give you Leon's long letter [...] It was a farewell... to both of us! I wanted to leave you in peace, since we can do nothing about this deplorable situation..." (July 15). Carré writes to me about Sapho; he takes care of the sets. He will take over La Navarraise and he asks for the Isola this work after the revival & also Cinderella. - The treaties with America (New York) are signed; 7 books at the same time" (Thursday [July 16])...". Heugel announces Thai (signed treaties) with Prague, Budapest, Warsaw! "(Friday [July 17])... H
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