SAINT-SAËNS Camille (1835-1921). L.A.S. "... - Lot 1196 - Ader

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SAINT-SAËNS Camille (1835-1921). L.A.S. "... - Lot 1196 - Ader
SAINT-SAËNS Camille (1835-1921).
L.A.S. " C. Saint-Saëns ", Louxor 26 January 1910, to Caroline de SERRES; 2
pages in-4

.Beautiful letter from Egypt on her




He begins by lecturing his "dear Caro", knowing however that "women hate that. You remind me of my dear mother, who, when she had no subjects of torment, was ingenious in making imaginary ones with a deplorable talent. With such a turn of mind, one is never happy"... Then he comes to his music: "I hope you will hear my Proserpine, for which I have always found it unfair. What do you want? The Owl admires his children. While waiting for Phryne to triumph at the Comic Opera. We'd done everything [...] to make Phryne the shadow of Paillasse, and it's the opposite that's happened. I hope that my little comedy will take root in the repertoire, and that the provincial theatres that didn't want it will become more favourable to it. But in the theatres, I have always been seen as an intruder, and a play that isn't successful will be put on instead of one of mine when it is. Phryne once had nearly 100 performances at the Opéra-comique and it didn't do anything about it. Since I've been in Egypt, I've worked a lot. I have made a duet for violin and viola, for Ysaïe and Hollmann who are delighted with it (it remains to be seen whether the public will agree). I sketched the 1st act of Déjanire, with a part of the 2d and the 3me; I orchestrated one of my Persian Melodies (La Splendeur Vide) for Mme de Maupeou who asked me to do it. What a shame not to be able to always be so quiet! As soon as I return to the odious Europe, I will be caught in a whirlwind and it will be the devil to get to work. Tonight I'm going back to Cairo. As I had only been here for eight days I have worn out the music paper I brought with me; that is what allows me to write to you, for without it I would be the prey of the terrible Déjanire, an uncomfortable woman! "

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