SAUGUET Henri (1901-1989). MANUSCRIT MUSICAL... - Lot 1198 - Ader

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SAUGUET Henri (1901-1989). MANUSCRIT MUSICAL... - Lot 1198 - Ader
SAUGUET Henri (1901-1989).
MANUSCRIT MUSICAL autograph signed " Henri Sauguet ", Le Concerto d'Orphée pour violon et orchestre, 1953; 95 pages
in folio, in notebooks.

Orchestral score of this beautiful

violin concerto.

Commissioned by the Südwestfunk of Baden-Baden, the Concerto d'Orphée was composed by Sauguet in the first half of 1953, and premiered on July 26, 1953 at the Aix-en-Provence Festival, by Adolf Bus on violin, with the Orchestra of the Südwestfunk of Baden-Baden conducted by Hans Rosbaud; the Parisian premiere took place on November 21, 1961 at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, by Devy Erlih, with the Orchestre National conducted by Manuel Rosenthal. It lasted 25 minutes and was published by Heugel in 1954 and dedicated "To Doctor Heinrich Strobel and

Hans Rosbaud".

"The Concerto for violin and orchestra is called "d'Orphée". Once again, he points out the need for Sauguet to have, at the beginning of each new work, a poetic idea which gives the starting point, which is not an argument and simply helps the composer to find himself in a state of grace. The Concerto d'Orphée was premiered in 1953 during the Aix-en-Provence Festival. There is no descriptive intention in these pages, which refer to the essential myth of music only to find their impetus in it. The role of the soloist can, in fact, be compared to that of the legendary hero, gradually organizing the sounds. From an orchestral chaos (a very elaborate chaos, need I say it again?) the violin gradually stands out and takes on its own importance. It is then a melody offered to the soloist who, in turn tender, vehement or energetic, takes possession of the work and dominates it, accompanied by the orchestral ensemble, up to the great terminal cadenza. The movements of this Concerto are linked together as if it were a vast i
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