VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901). L.A.S. "GVerdi"... - Lot 1215 - Ader

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VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901). L.A.S. "GVerdi"... - Lot 1215 - Ader
VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901). L.A.S. "GVerdi" with MUSIC, [Florence 12 March 1847], to Giovanni RICORDI in Milan; 1 page in-8, address (small cracks repaired, mitre marks); in Italian. Letter with two musical quotations from Macbeth. Verdi asks Ricordi to make a change to the fourth bar of the adagio della cavatina di Lady Macbeth [Act I, Scene 5] in the singing part only ("nelle quarta battuta dell' adagio della cavatina di Lady nella sola parta cantabile"), with a musical quotation (song and words): "ti vo' quel freddo". And also a change in the cadence of the sleepwalking scene [act III, scene 4] ("Anche nella scena de Sonnambulismo farai fare la cadenza nel modo seguente"), with musical quotation (song and words): "to andiam andiam andiam andiam andiam Macbetto Andia..."). In the margin, Ricordi wrote the number of the plates of these two arias and the name of the engraver (19625 and "19640 Briorli "). Verdi made these corrections during the rehearsals of the opera in Florence, where the premiere will take place two days later at the Teatro della Pergola, with Marianna Barbieri-Nini as Lady Macbeth. The two corrections requested were indeed made on pages 41 and 240 of Ricordi's first edition of the singer-pianist score.
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