VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901). L.A.S. "G. Verdi",... - Lot 1216 - Ader

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VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901). L.A.S. "G. Verdi",... - Lot 1216 - Ader
VERDI Giuseppe (1813-1901). L.A.S. "G. Verdi", Busseto 4 February 1865, to Gilbert DUPREZ; 2 and a half pages in-8; in Italian. About the French adaptation of Macbeth. The letter is addressed to the great tenor Gilbert DUPREZ (1806-1896), whose brother Édouard (1804-1879), who had already translated Rigoletto (858) and La Traviata (1864) into French, had been asked to write the French version of Macbeth (1847) for the Théâtre Lyrique; but Édouard Duprez was rejected by Léon Escudier, in favour of Charles Nuitter and Alexandre Beaumont. Verdi regretted this in a letter to Escudier in January 1865: "Is it true that Duprez is no longer supposed to translate Macbeth? I am sorry about this, because it will be difficult to find someone who is not only a musician, but who also understands singing and knows Italian as well as he does. Macbeth will be performed at the Théâtre Lyrique on April 19, 1865, without success ] Verdi begs forgiveness for his delay in answering Duprez's letter. He knows the world in general, and the theatre in particular; he is therefore not surprised by the small or great perfidies that people commit. He is absolutely convinced that Duprez's brother would have done a very good job on the translation of Macbeth, just as he did on the other operas; and if Duprez had approved this version, and taken the time to adjust it to the music, he, who is a great musician (in French in the text), a great artist and a man of conscience, would have done this work excellently. Verdi does not need to look at these translations to be absolutely convinced. He can only feel sadness at
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