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Exploits of the French, from 22 Fructidor year I to 15 Pluviose year III of the French Republic. Basel, J. Decker, De l'Imprimerie de Guillaume Haas fils, 1796. In-12, green morocco, double fillet and roulette in frame, smooth spine decorated, inside roulette, gilt edges (contemporary binding). 1 Revolutionary work to the glory of the French armies, composed by the man nicknamed the "organizer of victory". It was printed in small numbers according to the catalogue of the Pixerécourt library. Chronological table listing the 27 victories and 120 battles of the armies of the Rhine, Italy, the Rhone, etc., between 8 September 1793 (Battle of Hondschoote) and 3 February 1795 (capture of the Roses). This is preceded by a report by the citizen Carnot on these memorable events which determined the fate of the triumphant Republic: With what greed will the children of our brave defenders not fill these annals with the glory of their fathers! What sublime fire will not develop in these young hearts the memory of the heroic traits to which their names will be attached! [...]. Allegorical frontispiece engraved in bistre and black representing a trophy of arms (bundle of rifles) bearing a banner decorated with the Phrygian cap in a laurel wreath and flanked by the motto Liberty / Equality, on which is inscribed this dedication: To the victorious French armies of the coalition powers. Young engineer officer Lazare Carnot (1753-1823) was the "organizer of victory" at the Revolution. In charge of the war at the Committee of Public Salvation from 1793 to March 1795, he raised eleven armies to defend the Republic; his ardour led to the victory of Fleurus (26th June 1794) which meant the loss of the first coalition. In 1814, Napoleon appointed him Minister of the Interior and entrusted him with the defence of Antwerp: under Carnot's orders, the French garrison resisted the siege of the coalition forces until the armistice signed
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