PARNY Évariste

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PARNY Évariste
Various works. Paris, Debray, 1802. 2 volumes in-12, long-grained green morocco, framed border, figure in the centre, smooth ornamented spine, inner roulette, pink tabis lining and guards, gilt edges (Bozerian). Edition with an intaglio portrait of the author engraved in intaglio by Gaucher on the frontispiece. Parny's fame continues today, thanks to his Chansons Madécasses, inspired by a trip to India in 1785. However, it is far removed from the glory he enjoyed at the beginning of the Romantic period, when Chateaubriand claimed to know his Elegies by heart and Pushkin recognized him for his master. An excellent poet, he was elected to the French Academy. Beautiful binding of the time with the presumed figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul. On guard, the Scottish engineer James Nasmyth wrote in English the history of these volumes, stolen in 1815, after the battle of Waterloo, from the library of La Malmaison, Josephine's home, by a regimental captain of the Horse Guards named G. de Villiers. The latter, married to one of the daughters of the Nasmyth family, offered it to Alexandre, father of the signatory of this note. Clear freckles.
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