BUONARROTI Philippe (1761-1837) revolutionnaire italien, ami et partisan de Babeuf.

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BUONARROTI Philippe (1761-1837) revolutionnaire italien, ami et partisan de Babeuf.
MANUSCRIPT autograph signed "Buonarroti French Citizen by decree of the National Convention of May 27th, the second year of the Republic", Pensées sur la Corse, [about 1794] ; 3 pages in-fol. (slight freckles). Recommendations to fight Corsican nationalism. Buonarroti's documents are very rare. "The Corsicans possess all the domestic virtues: they are sober, hospitable, generous, and friends of justice; but they are tormented by the party spirit fomented by the ambition of the chiefs, and by superstitution: the public spirit is almost nil in Corsica: Paoli contributed powerfully to destroy it "... Followed a " Project of remedies " in 13 articles: " 1° To use all the means to deliver Corsica from the monstrous authority of PAOLI. 2° To establish promptly the primary schools but on condition 1° that a social catechism approved by the Convention will be taught there [...] 2° that the French language will be taught there 3° that the teachers will not be elected by the people who, in turn, will appoint the monks, and the most fanatical priests "... The following articles concern the use of French in public texts and the civil service, and the good use of Italian; the establishment of a small post office; the drafting and distribution of a social catechism ("it would be prudent to have it published by the bishop of the Department"), as well as its teaching by men who are "philosophers, virtuous and popular"; the establishment in the main towns of professors of natural law, morals and social organisation, of masters of hydrography, nautical and mathematics; the prolonged stay in Corsica of the national commissioners, who would be authorised to overturn the decrees of the administration, and to bring the administrators before the courts, in order to fight against "party spirit". The 13th and last article stipulates: "The right granted to convicted persons to appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeal has pernicious consequences in Corsica: given th
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