EISENHOWER Dwight David (1890-1969) general et homme politique americain, President des Etats-Unis.

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EISENHOWER Dwight David (1890-1969) general et homme politique americain, President des Etats-Unis.
L.A.S. "Ike", [London] February 14 [1944], to his wife, Mamie EISENHOWER; 2 pages in-4; in English. Nice love letter to his wife about Valentine's Day and the anniversary of their engagement, as he prepares for the Normandy landings. He sent her a short message this morning for Valentine's Day, his only celebration of the day. He will never forget that 28 years ago (their engagement, February 14, 1916, in San Antonio, Texas), he brought the ring of his West Point class to 1216 McCullough [Avenue], proud as a peacock ! Each month he lives seems more intense than the last. He defends himself against constant pressure and responsibility, and tries to think only of the basics - getting the basics right, with the best people in charge of every major operation. He tries to age according to a co-ordinated plan, watching his character as well as his diet. Physical activity has been neglected for the past eight months; it will have to start soon. If Grandma had the usual family celebration today, he imagines there was a red ribbon dinner, singing and lots of Valentine's Day cards, maybe flowers. He hopes she had a good time... - What a day! He's had half a dozen visitors since he started writing what must have been a real Valentine's Day letter. Each interruption makes it harder for him to express what he really wants to say to her: that he is happy to have seen her, or to have sent her a message, every Valentine's Day, 28 times. A real feat - even if she was just an ordinary woman. But since everyone loves her - and rightly so - he wonders how his luck has held up all this time. Let her darling take care of herself: maybe next Valentine's Day he'll be able to crack her ribs instead of hurting her eyes with a scribble like that... He loves her - forever... " I sent you a short Valentine message this a.m. I do hope it reaches you-it is the only observance of the day I made. I never forget that 28 years ago I brought out the West Point Class Ring to 1216 McCu
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