FÉNELON François de Salignac de La Mothe (1651-1715) prelat et ecrivain, archeveque de Cambrai.

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FÉNELON François de Salignac de La Mothe (1651-1715) prelat et ecrivain, archeveque de Cambrai.
L.S. " Fr. Arch. Duc de Cambray" with autograph postscript, Cambrai 25 February 1699, [to Michel CHAMILLART] ; 7 pages in-4 (including ¾ autograph). About a dispute over a 1620 ruling concerning the possession by the diocese of Cambrai of the abbey of Solesmes. Fénelon does not "question" the sentence of the sovereign court of Mons, which one would like to believe to be false. There is no reason to suspect it in all its circumstances. It is common knowledge throughout the païs that the sentence was actually handed down in Mons. The only question now is whether this act is the true one. But there is no doubt that the true one must be conceived in much the same way as the one that is to be challenged. The memory of this sentence is still fresh in our minds. There are still living men who knew the Bourgeois Clerk, the Lawyers and Prosecutors who worked in this case. The children of the Councillors of this time still remember having heard them speak of it. The Registry is full of signatures of Clerk Bourgeois. It is not surprising that this sentence is not on a register. It is common knowledge that in 1620 the Flemish simplicity dispensed with the precaution of registering the sentences [...]. This act was in the hands of an Archdeacon of our Metropolis, the little nephew of a St. Archbishop who had the sentence handed down, and whose memory is in benediction throughout Flanders "... All the clergy of the province would accuse Fénelon of abandoning the rights of the Church if he questioned an act which is believed to be authentic; one rather doubts the opinion of the experts in Paris... Fénelon rather plans to have this ruling examined by the country's experts, by comparing it to other documents at the Mons clerk's office... Another thing: "You find that the proposal I've made for an accommodation, doesn't hold things in equality between the Church of St. Denys and ours. On the one hand, you say, Mr. DAGUESSEAU has the right to condemn the abbey
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