FOUCHÉ Joseph (1759-1820) ministre de la Police de Napoleon.

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FOUCHÉ Joseph (1759-1820) ministre de la Police de Napoleon.
AUTHORIZED MANUSCRIPT, Quelques observations, [early 1802 ?] ; 7 pages in-4 on paper with the watermark République Française Ministère de la Police (some slight freckles). Important plea for a hereditary life consulate for Bonaparte and his family. The Consulate for life was voted by the Tribunate and the Legislature on May 12, 1802, and ratified by the plebiscite of August 2, 1802. Historians generally agree that Fouché's opposition to Bonaparte's Life Consulate was one of the reasons for the suppression of his ministry in September]. "The dangers threatening the 1st Consul and the Rep. come from the vices of our political organization. Our constitutional laws are insufficient, they lack guarantees for the future. The force of circumstances has brought all the powers over B.'s head. Necessity has given him a dictatorship that he will not be able to exercise for long, because there is an end to human forces. Every day we are on the verge of change. If B. were to perish before any thought had been given to the establishment of a system suitable for France & independent of the health or sickness, life or death of the one who governs it we would fall into disorder & into the misfortune of reactions. Such is the unanimous opinion of the Republic "... Fouché lists the disadvantages of a government too attached to power and concludes that a new order of things is needed. Now the systems are reduced to two: the elective and the hereditary. The elective system, "in theory the purest, the most consistent with the exercise of the rights of the people," is in fact inseparable from corruption, intrigue, foreign influences, personal rivalries, and lack of a spirit of continuity. Fouché thus foresaw the division of America and the risk of civil wars. On the other hand, "heredity is an irresistible idea that comes forward and that will subjugate all opposition. [.....] It takes not one man, but a family for the supreme magistracy... Eliminati
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