GRIMOD DE LA REYNIÈRE Alexandre-Balthazar-Laurent (1758-1838) gastronome et ecrivain.

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GRIMOD DE LA REYNIÈRE Alexandre-Balthazar-Laurent (1758-1838) gastronome et ecrivain.
L.A.S. "Grimod ngt", Paris 12 September 1794/26 fructidor 2 evening, to the citizen FORTIA [Baptistine-Marie-Thérèse de Cabre de Roquevaire, countess FORTIA DE PILES], in L'Isle by Avignon [L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue]; 2 pages in-4 filled with a small tight handwriting, address (small tear by breaking of the seal with loss of some letters at the end of 4 lines). Beautiful letter written in full thermidorian reaction, to the wife of his friend the emigrated litterator. He receives his letter as an unexpected favor, for he repented of having expressed himself too frankly and too little sparingly, without knowing the circumstances of the citizen Fortia, for whose affairs he does not spare his zeal: "I alone took care of all the affairs of C. Fortia. I devote to them the major part of my care, my time, my zeal, and my shopping; and if one must believe his thanks, I do so to his entire satisfaction..." However, Fortia let him ignore the loss of his wife [the death of a child born in 1793]. "I am afraid that this is confirmation of my system of breastfeeding, and I have no blame for having concealed my fears from the Father at the birth of this unfortunate child. There are mothers whose complexion is so lively, and whose blood is so flammable, that their food is a food of death, and these must forbid themselves by maternal tenderness, the sweetest of the duties of motherhood... Let her not blame herself for the failure of her efforts to soften the fate of Fortia: "Blame only circumstances, which until 10 Thermidor oppose the success of our vows, and even endanger the days of your friend, though absolutely innocent, and even exempt from the slightest imprudence. Today things have changed. Justice is the order of the day, and austerity measures are now only for the guilty. Give yourselves over to hope...
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