GUERRE 1939-1945.

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GUERRE 1939-1945.
MENUSCRIPT with PLANS, Field Order n° 1 Operation ANVIL, VI Corps HQ, Naples 30 July 1944; 51 mimeographed pages, 9 in-plano maps and 12 in-fol. maps, in perforated sheets under handwritten cover, Top Secret and Bigot-Anvil stamps; in English, with pencil annotations in French. Plans and instructions for the Allied landings in Provence in August 1944. Appendices to combat order n° 1 (field order), concerning the Allied landing in Provence in August 1944. No. 1: precision of the beaches (Saint-Tropez, Fréjus, Port Cros, Levant, Cap Nègre, etc.), of the engaged corps (Rugby Force, Rosie Force, Kodak Force, French Garbo Force, etc.), of the commanders (Dahlquist, Eagles, O'Daniel, etc.) and of the ships. No. 2: air support (operation Yokum). No. 3: naval artillery support. No. 4: distribution of maritime transport assets. No. 5: list of committed units. No. 6: artillery. No. 7: anti-aircraft defence. No. 8: Engineers. No. 9: Administration. No. 10: communications (radio, radar, encoding). More maps and details of the coast from La Seyne to Cannes, with precise objectives, days and hours of intervention, possible routes, bombing zones... Orders are given in the name of Major General TRUSCOTT, commander of the VI Corps of the US Army. The document was annotated by a French participant.
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