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GUIBERT Jacques-Antoine-
MANUSCRIPT autograph, [Journal de voyage en Bretagne, 8-11 August 1778]; 33 pages in-4 in 2 booklets. Very interesting account in diary form, kept by Guibert, member of the general staff of the army of Broglie, during a trip to Brest following the marshal. This manuscript, with erasures and corrections, was published, with clippings, by the Countess de Guibert in 1806 under the title Brest in Les Voyages de Guibert, in various parts of France and Switzerland (Paris, D'Hautel, 1806, pp. 35-86). In this travel diary, made on the occasion of an inspection tour by the Marshal de BROGLIE, of whom Guibert was a member of the staff, Guibert mixes personal observations, thoughts and opinions, and remarks on seamen such as GUICHEN, KERSAINT, LA MOTTE-PIQUET, ORVILLIERS... It also mentions the Count de LANGERON, governor of Brittany. The diary begins on August 8th: "Left Morlaix and arrived in Brest. Rather beautiful but badly maintained roads. ...] The sight of the sea always acts on me: it enlarges my thought, it saddens it, finally it fills it, but it is never of a sweet feeling. Its result is always to fall into the wave, into the dark, into infinity: it is like the view from the sky, and the thought of eternity "... Description of the harbour of Brest, compared to that of Toulon... Reception of the marshal... Description of the port of Brest: "magnificence and grandeur of Louis XIV imprinted in every step"... Considerations on the interest of multiplying construction sites... The visit of the Duke of CHARTRES provokes scornful criticism : "... "Temporary desire to learn, but no pursuit, no clothes, ... playing billiards, seeing girls ... Moreover, rather good tone on his side, not seeming to be bored, living well with the officers, caressing them, talking to the sailors ..., in total doing less harm and less good than a prince of blood can do ... Bad dress of most regiments of the garrison: indiscipline, insubordination ... Visit the workshops and
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