JAURÈS Jean (1859-1914) homme politique.

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JAURÈS Jean (1859-1914) homme politique.
2 autograph MANUSCRIPTS signed "Jean Jaurès", [December 1904]; 39 and 44 pages in-fol. (the second ms bears the dry stamp of the Justin Godart Collection). Two articles published in L'Humanité on the Syveton affair. Gabriel SYVETON (1864-1904), a nationalist deputy known for his attacks on the Combes ministry, was found dead on December 8, 1904, on the eve of his trial for having slapped the Minister of Defense; the police having concluded that it was suicide (Syveton having been compromised in financial embezzlement and matters of morality), his death had fuelled a climate of unrest, with nationalist circles developing the theory of a conspiracy and an assassination on the orders of Freemasonry. Their embarrassment (28 December 1904). Jaurès demonstrated that "if Mr. Syveton was murdered, as I believe he was, the day before the trial was precisely the date chosen by the assassins or their friends. It allowed them to imagine a kind of moral alibi and the diversion of suicide. It allowed them to say that Mr. Syveton had committed suicide to avoid the infamous revelations that might come out about him the next day. Or they could take refuge in the depths of nationalist nonsense and insinuate that a mysterious Masonic and governmental influence had precipitated the drama on the very eve of the day dreaded by the leaders. They thus discharged into the abyss of nationalist ineptitude their burden of crime like an assassin throwing the corpse into an abyss "... Jaurès examines at length the circumstances of the drama, the role of Mrs Syveton and her lover, who appear as suspects, to conclude: " In the conditions where the drama occurred, suicide is a moral and material impossibility. It is indeed in the face of an assassination that we are, in the face of a monstrous crime of common law that the murderers try to disguise either as suicide or as a political attack". Suicide impossible (30 December 1904). "Moral impossibilities. Material impossib
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