JAURÈS Jean (1859-1914) homme politique. 2... - Lot 719 - Drouot Estimations

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JAURÈS Jean (1859-1914) homme politique. 2... - Lot 719 - Drouot Estimations
JAURÈS Jean (1859-1914) homme politique. 2 autograph MANUSCRIPTS signed "Jean Jaurès", [November 1905]; 29 pages in-4 and 10 pages and a half in-fol. Two articles published in L'Humanité on the Russian Revolution of October 1905. Strike and Revolution (November 5, 1905). "Pouget is right to note, in La Voix du Peuple, that the general strike played a great role in the Russian Revolution. Or rather it is in the whole European Revolution that it appears as a powerful means of action. ...] it is to the general strike of the Russian workers that the capitulation of tsarism is largely due. Yes, those who have understood, those who announced many years ago that the working class could, by a vast concerted refusal to work, frighten and shake the powers of reaction and privilege, have seen right. The general strike is a natural and necessary consequence of the economic movement. The concentration of industrial life is increasingly inviting the working class to take comprehensive decisions. By momentarily refusing its labour power to a society it condemns or a regime it abhors, it throws disorder into the mechanism it wants to break. It warns the privileged classes that society is precarious and unsustainable, not based on the sovereignty of labour. ...] The general strike was only possible and effective because already the revolts of public opinion and the direct protests of the proletariat had dislocated the old autocratic regime. ...] The general strike is no longer, for the proletariat, the substitute for political rights. The proletariat cannot give up the conquest of political power by universal suffrage in favour of the general strike, since it is precisely in order to conquer universal suffrage, where it does not yet have it, that it employs the general strike. ...] When the French working class interprets the revolutionary events in Russia, it must not forget for a moment that it has the universal suffrage that the Russian proletariat is trying to wrest from tsarism. It is thus under ve
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