LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869) poete et homme politique.

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LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790-1869) poete et homme politique.
Autograph MANUSCRIPT, Preamble, [September 1848]; 2 pages and a quarter in-4 with deletions and corrections. Draft Preamble to the Constitution. The principle of a preamble had been the subject of a debate in the Assembly, which Lamartine won. The preamble to the Constitution promulgated on October 28, 1848 is inspired by what this draft proposes as a balance of rights and duties]. "« 1. In the name of God principle of principles, cause of causes, light of the source of all rights, sanction of all duties the French Republic is instituted. 2. The French Republic has made it its mission to develop more and more into practical institutions the progress of reason and the inspirations of Justice which flow from the notion of God and the conscience of the human race. 3°. It recognizes rights, it enshrines duties "... An enumeration of these rights and duties follows. Lamartine crossed out the 6th article: "the right to live, that is to say the right to work in cases of demonstrated necessity so that no individual can offer his arms without finding his life nor suffer without being relieved on the surface of the Republic"... And Lamartine concluded: "These rights and duties can be summed up in three names that the Republic inscribes on the frontispiece of its constitution: God, the Law, the People, and in these three words inscribed on the flag of France: Liberty! equality! fraternity! " Provenance: Lamartine archives of the Château de Saint-Point. Exhibition: Lamartine, the poet and statesman (Bibliothèque Nationale, 1969, No. 566).
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