LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790- 1869) poete et homme politique.

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LAMARTINE Alphonse de (1790- 1869) poete et homme politique.
3 MANUSCRIPTS and autograph NOTES, 1848; 5 pages in various formats; and 9 manuscripts and miscellaneous documents compiled by Lamartine. Interesting collection on the 1848 Revolution. List on tracing paper of the Provisional Government (1 p. in-12), with this autograph note: "True first list of the provisional gt as of February 24th autograph of the young secretary on the tribune given to Mr. de Lamartine". Press release on the uprising of 15 May (3 oblong pages in-8): "On the day of 15 May, as M. de Lamartine was riding a dragon's horse on the Quai d'Orsay to march at the head of the National Guard Battalions on the town hall occupied by the conspirators, a young man named M. Guillemelot approached him and offered to carry out his orders" Etc. "Note 1" (1 p. in-4), responding to a page in the History of the Provisional Government which was malicious of him, concerning the arrest of the Duchess of Orleans...". To respond to such reversals of meaning and facts would be as childish in the middle as to respond to the accusation of having presented the Red Flag with the rifle in my hand at the town hall while I was pushing it back; or of having asked for the guillotine to be raised in the Revolution Square while I was drafting the abolition of the scaffold "... Documents collected by Lamartine. Plan to form an executive commission following the resignation of the provisional government (partly at the hand of Mrs. de Lamartine). L.A.S. of Alexis VAVIN at Garnier-Pagès, concerning the assistance that Generals Lamoricière and Bedeau would bring to the provisional government (24 February 1848). Note a.s. by Abel HUGO on the financial situation of France (4 p. in-fol.). Report recapitulating the work of the provisional government signed by LaurentAntoine PAGNERRE (5 April 1848, 9 p. in-fol.) Chronicle of the events from 24 February 1848 to 20 May 1849 and Lamartine's conduct (216 p. in-fol.), a very interesting account that concludes with Lamartine'
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