NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.

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NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.
P.S. "Buonaparte" with two autograph lines, "Commune sans nom" [Marseille] 16 pluviose II (4 February 1794); the document is written by Andoche JUNOT; 1 page obl. petit in-4 (freckles). In favor of a gunner of the siege of Toulon. Artillery General BUONAPARTE certifies that the Citizen JeanBaptiste OLIVIER, "Lieutenant of the Gunners of the 1st Compie des Canonniers de Marseille N°6, behaved well during the Siege of Toulon". Buonaparte adds with his hand: "he was useful by his activity and his zeal"... The document was written by Lieutenant Andoche JUNOT (the future General, Duke of Abrantes), then aide-de-camp to General Buonaparte. It should be noted that, although the name of Marseille is mentioned in full in the document, it is located at "Commune sans nom": this is how Barras and Fréron had renamed Marseille after crushing the federalist insurrection.
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