NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.

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NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.
L.A.S. "BP", "9 am" [late February or early March 1796], to JOSEPHINE "Madame Beauharnois"; 1 page ¾ in-8, address (paper a little crumpled, a few slight freckles). Very beautiful and rare love letter from Bonaparte written a few days before marrying Josephine (March 9, 1796). [Napoleon believed that Josephine was rich, and he lent her a political credit that she did not have; hence this reproach from Josephine that he did not love her for her, to which he answers here]. "I left you taking with me a pensive feeling. I went to bed very angry. It seemed to me that the intimacy which is due to my caractaire must take away from your thought the last thing that agitated you last night. If it were to predominate in your mind you would be very unjust, Madam, and I would be very unhappy. So you have thought that I do not love you for yourself!!! For whom? Ah, Madam has thought it over. Could such a base sentiment have been conceived in such a pure soul? I am less astonished, however, than the feeling that when I woke up I was brought back to your feet without a will and without a heart. Certainly it is impossible to be more trustworthy and degraded. What then is your strange and incomparable power, Josephine? One of your thoughts poisons my life and decimates my soul by the most oposed sensations. But a stronger feeling, a secret harmony that I lack, brings me back and leads me like a guilty man. I feel it well. If we have arguments together I should recuse my heart my conscience you have seduced them they are always for you. You, however, mio dolce amor, have rested well. Have you only thought twice of me?! I give you three kisses - one on your heart, one on your mouth, one on your eyes. BP "This letter was first published in 1827 in the second volume of the Memoirs of a Contemporary of Ida Saint Elme. Numerous editions of Napoleon's letters to Josephine follow the text of this publication. We give here a text in accordance with the autograph.
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