NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.

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NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.
AUTHORIZED MANUSCRIPT; 1 page and a half in-fol. on a sheet of English paper (watermarked W 1815); afterwards, notes and pencil calculations are erased (cracks in the folds restored, freckles). Tableau de l'Europe en armes à la veille des campagnes d'Italie et d'Allemagne (1799). This manuscript, which bears the mention "paragraph II" at the beginning, in fact forms the first paragraph ("Situation of the belligerent armies") of the Précis des événements militaires arrivés pendant les six premiers mois de 1799, which is linked to the draft of Mémoires de Napoléon and published in volume XXX of the Correspondence (1869, pp. 293-294), according to the manuscript given by General Bertrand to the Châteauroux library. This draft, entirely in Napoleon's hand in brown ink, presents important variants with the printed version. "In March, France had 450,000 men under arms, 80,000 of whom were in Egypt, Corfu, Malthe, Corsica, the colonies, the gendarmerie, veterans, 180,000 in depots, strongholds in Holland, in hospitals, 190,000 in line composing the armies of the Danube, Helvetia, Italy and Naples, namely 40,000 in the Danube army, 40,000 in that of Helvetia, 70,000 in Italy, 40,000 in Naples. The 2 first armies have this number of men present under the weapons, the 2 last armies have the same number of men and include the garrisons of the country's strongholds. The army of Italy includes the Piemonte, Genoa, Cisalpine, Tuscany, that of Naples, Rome and Naples. The Helvetic Republic had a corps of 8,000 under arms, the Cisalpine Republic 20,000 Poles or naturals, the Piedmontese 12,000, the Romans 6,000, which made Italy 8,000 [sic 80,000] to the efectives". Napoleon made the calculation as an addition of the forces of Austria, in Swabia, on the left bank of the Danube and in Tyrol, that is 113,000 men, under the orders of the Archduke. "In Italy, it was around 70,000, of which 16,000 were garrisoned in Venice, Palma Nova, Istria [...] u
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