NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.

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NAPOLÉON Ier (1769-1821) Empereur.
MAN USCRIT autograph; 2 pages in-fol. in pencil on a sheet of laid English paper (watermark with the effigy of the "Britannia"; 2 small slots at the top of the sheet not touching the text). Unpublished text on the situation in Italy after the Battle of the Trebbia (19 June 1799). Napoleon mentions the defeat of the Parthenopian Republic and the capture of NAPLES by Cardinal RUFFO, and the defence of ANCONE by General MONNIER. This text, written in Sainte-Hélène, was to take its place in the Memoirs that Napoleon wrote; it is not found in the Précis des événements militaires of 1799 (in volume XXX of the Correspondence). "When the news reached Naples of Scherer's defeat at the battles of Verona and Magnano, the armistice of Mantua, the loss of the battle of Cassano, the entry of Souvarow into Milan, and the agitated spirits, Cardinal Ruffo took the lead in the Calabrian uprising and on 19 June he advanced on Naples. The patriots took one of the detachments of the garrisons of the English and Russian ships in front of Naples. The patriots defended themselves in Naples but were finally forced to withdraw to the forts of St. Elmo, which had a French garrison, the new castle, the Castle of the Egg [...] Ruffo, repulsed in all his attacks, resorted to a negotiation", and signed a generous armistice that spared the lives of the patriots... Further on, Napoleon recounts General Monnier's heroic defence of Ancona: "Froelich then turned to Ancona. For 6 months General Monnier, commanding the 3 departments of the Roman Republic of the Adriatic, had been defending this city against General Lahoz who was at the head of the Apenine insurgents", supported by a Turkish squadron "which had taken Corfu. There were in the port of Ancona 3 ships of 64 of the fregates and several bricks and a great quantity of artillery taken from Venice's larsenal " . Monnier defended the city with heroism, but the enemy was too powerful. "Having no more hope of delivering it, h
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