OLLIVIER Émile (1825-1913) ministre, homme politique et historien.

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OLLIVIER Émile (1825-1913) ministre, homme politique et historien.
12 L.A.S., 2 L.A. and 1 L.S. "Émile Ollivier" or "E.", 1862-1902 and n.d.; 30 pages in-8 or in-12. Charming correspondence of 5 letters to his dear "girlfriend", mentioning Heine, Lamartine, a dinner at Girardin's with the Prince, the consul of Prussia, Nigra, La Guéronnière and Cabarrus, as well as Cosima von Bülow ("She neglects me. She probably has no time in the middle of her stories with the King of Bavaria and Wagner") and Daniel Ollivier (23 October 1866 and s.d.) ... - January 27, 1867, in Fouché, with a corrigendum to be inserted denying her role "in the last ministerial reshuffles" ... 20 November 1868 : "I would like to have the letter by which Cavaignac refused the oath in March '52 - and the one by which Arago Emmanuel declared in May or April '63 that he could not take it... Pollone near Biella 17 November 1871, list of notables from the Var for the sending of a brochure... La Moutte 24 October 1880, programme for a future newspaper. "Name of the newspaper: Le Napoléon. Mode of advertising: daily, penny a day, small format. Programme: acceptance of republican legality; revision not total, partial, democratic revision of the institution of the presidency [...]. In general: development of the idea that the parliamentary regime presupposes a monarchy; that a serious democratic republic has as its necessary form the plebiscitary regime, provided that the legislation of this regime is in conformity with the requirements of liberty and the principles of self-governance "... Saint Tropez 6 February 1893, on a new unfortunate candidacy of Zola at the Academy: " I doubt that Zola will soon be admitted to enrich our dictionary. It seems that beaten on the first two chairs by Berthelot and Thureau, he will be beaten on the third by Bornier "... February 4, 1902, asking Pingard to send him two academic speeches, and to recommend Bishop Fèvre for the Duvigneau prize... Etc. Attached are 4 business cards and a portrait; plus 5 l.a.s. of
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