SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de (1900- 1944) aviateur et ecrivain.

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SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de (1900- 1944) aviateur et ecrivain.
Autograph MANUSCRIPT, The War, [March 1939?]; 4 and a quarter pages on 5 in-4 sheets of yellow peel paper, with erasures and corrections, paginated in bis from 3 to [7], with a small feathered sketch of a face at the head. Manuscript on the inevitability of the war against expansionist Germany, after Hitler's invasion of Czechoslovakia (March 15, 1939). Saint-Exupéry had left at the beginning of March 1939 for a car trip to Germany, quickly interrupted on the 15th by events. This text, perhaps conceived as a report, seems unpublished. A development on wheat is very close to a paragraph in Pilote de guerre (Pléiade, t. II, p. 207)]. "Germany. The entry into Prague. ...where does this unenthusiastic atmosphere come from? On the small field paths of the troops and troops and troops. ...] In this inn the hostess, who watches the men pass by, talks to us: it is terrible, isn't it? We will certainly take his sons from him. She has five sons. She's resisting the war. She doesn't understand war. But I haven't believed in intellectual language for a long time now. This one is war-resistant. Others are war-resistant. One would probably have to probe far and wide to discover, even in young people, empty and tired wise men, something other than the rejection of war. Where then is the acceptance of war? And yet it is possible. Here are the witnesses of the threat, all these carnivorous insects, all these oiled instruments [...] polished, shiny, that a people has forged for itself like a tool. And they are flowing down the roads towards Prague. The metal scales are installed in the countryside and the countryside changes direction. I also think about the mystery of nature, the mystery of being. All you need is an instrument like the edge of a wheat field and the wheat changes its taste. Bread does not taste the same. The reaper's song changes its meaning. All the syringes inject their venoms and transform the being into another being. And yet nothing has chang
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