SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de (1900-1944) aviateur et ecrivain.

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SAINT-EXUPÉRY Antoine de (1900-1944) aviateur et ecrivain.
AUTHORIZED MANUSCRIPT, [On the leader in society, circa 1940]; 4 in-4 sheets written on the front on watermarked American Esquire Onion Skin paper, with purple pencil foliotation 0424-0427 (small traces of rust). Reflection on the concept of chef. The author develops the same concept of the chief as in La Morale de la pente (Pléiade, II, p. 29-30), but with a very different development. Here, it is a text in the form of a response on the place and role of the leader in the military hierarchy and by extension in human and social society. As in The Moral of the Slope, the author begins by defining what a leader should be. He denounces the stereotypical, agreed-upon image of these men as leaders, ministers, managers, etc. smoking big cigars. Once the definition of a chef has been established, Saint-Exupéry wonders whether it is not a myth. "Is it desirable that there are some and that they can act? "For him, the absolute level of the chef, if it exists, is linked to history, whether it be Buddha, Christ or Marx, who by their creative ideas saved mankind. The last page is the poetic meditation of a man far from his country, his home, his loves..." The first step is to agree on the definition. A democracy does not need a specific leader. The leader is something other than a manager because, as far as I know, your architect is as rigid as any other. Your chairman of the board decides. Your chief of customs, your president, your train conductor, your restaurant manager... I only see chefs. So you don't call them chefs. You play rough with words by calling the cigar smokers chefs. Always the drama of words. In the name of a word you dislike you refuse "everything I want to say" as in the name of a word you liked (democracy) you also refuse what I wanted to say. I don't want any more of your WORDS. Let's talk about the concepts first. I don't know who you are talking about because those who can possibly outrage us by smoking big cigars are obviously mana
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