SÉGUIER Pierre (1588-1672) magistrat, Chancelier de France.

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SÉGUIER Pierre (1588-1672) magistrat, Chancelier de France.
3 L.A.S., 1647-1650 and n.d.; 1 page in-4 and 2 pages in-fol. the 2nd with address and red wax seal to arms (engraved portrait attached). [To Cardinal MAZARIN], on the galleys. "The Keeper of the Seals spoke to the drivers of the Galleiens who assured him that after Pasques they would have 400 Galleiens driven to Marseille. And for the other four hundred, it is hoped that he will be able to provide them by registering the ordinance against vagrants, which will be incontinent after the fest. Lon has ordered four oak trees. The drivers assured that all this number will be returned to Marseilles in St. Jean "... Paris February 4 [1647], to Nicolas COUSTE, private lieutenant at the baillage and presidial seat of Sens. On the subject of an affair "concerning the will of the deffunct Mr. President Seguier, my uncle [...] but my business keeping me here for a few days, I thought of writing this note to you to ask you to return to us in this case the favor in benevolence which the matter of our affair can carry..., " Pontoise 14 March 1650, at the time of his disgrace. "It is true that I little considered my life when it was necessary to employ it to obey it is a reason which makes me sweeter the commandment that I had to withdraw since I was a bad kind of man to complain if it is necessary that I should move away from it and that it was judged for the good of the King's business that is what I proposed to serve for seventeen years. It was necessary to finish the race with the same state that I have always had to honour the wishes of my superiors and to prefer the advantages of the public to my own interests, and to retire in this way, and I hope to find the gentleness that you have maintained, if I can be useful to you in my estrangement from the Court and continue to serve you....A.S. (1 oblong page in-8), to know if Cardinal de RICHELIEU wants the Council of Dispatches to meet "to deliberate on money matters"...
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